This is Why Your Business is Amazing or Why it is Lacking!


Life is about creation not discovery. If you are waiting to wake up tomorrow and discover that you have an abundance of new business without doing something differently, the probability is not very good.

If you understand that your business will be created by your mindset and your strategy then all you have to do each day is wake up and take steps to create a better mindset and a better strategy. If you do that each and every day then guess what happens? You get to have the life and business that you have always wanted.

Here’s the really cool part. It is impossible yes I said impossible not to create exactly what your mindset and strategy is creating. Let me give you an example. Didn’t you graduate from school while others who began in your class did not? What is the difference between the two of you? Did they dread taking tests and tell everyone they were horrible test-takers(poor mindset); or did they not know how to organize to be able to study all of the classes required to pass for graduation (poor mechanics); or was their aptitude just not up to par?(poor mechanics in choosing that career path)

Was your business once great and now it is suffering? Or, was it once suffering and now it is great? If so what was your mind set like when it was great vs. now? What were your mechanics then vs. now. Were you out marketing every weekend back then but now you just don’t have the time or desire to get out?

It is and will always be about mindset and strategy.

Only 1% of the population understands and utilizes this concept so don’t get frustrated if you are not there yet. You will get it when the time is right. Keep your mind open to the possibility that this crazy stuff is true.

For the 1% that understands the reality of the words written above, here are some action steps that you can deploy immediately:

1. Decide if your mindset is holding you back

2. Decide if your strategy is holding you back

3. Decide if both are holding you back

Fix whichever you determine is the cause of your negative results. If you are unable to fix them yourself, ask a friend, colleague or If you would like to have a professional opinion click the button below and schedule a complimentary strategy session.



As our clients are well aware, our niche is that we help our clients fix their mindset and their strategy. Our strategies  are created in the present economy. Since we have created success in our own lives and in our clients’ lives, we are able to motivate our clients and teach them how to create a better more serving mind-set for them self. For the mechanical side, we help our clients become organized. We teach our clients how to use strategic-based marketing so they get the “best” buyers to their clinic. We teach our clients how to attract, hire, and train the best staff. Most importantly we teach our clients how to enjoy their business again and become financially independent.

On the mindset side we teach our clients how to think differently. When you think differently you act differently. When you act differently you deploy your action steps differently and you get different and better results!

We offer step by step strategies coupled with world class support coupled with mind-set and performance coaching which will give you results that you will be very proud to own.

We specialize in two types of clients:

1. Business-owners that are very close to closing their doors, we help to become economically successful once again. We also teach young entrepreneurs how to limit mistakes when starting their business.

2. Business owners who have reached great levels of success but who have plateaued and can’t get to the next level.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee and NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS.

Our clients were up 44% last year and are up 165% since 2008. If you decide to work with us, I can promise you that we will work our hearts off for you.



“Dear Paul,
I will sum this up very quickly. If the person reading this does not coach with you they are making a HUGE MISTAKE. Don’t make the stupid mistake I made by waiting three years to finally call you. You deliver everything and more. My practice is up over 60%. I am making money again! My wife is happy again! I can support my family again! Thank you!

Dr. Jeff, Texas”

Creative Coaching, LLC has been successfully coaching clients just like you for the past fourteen years. We have been trail-blazers in the industry being the first company to offer no long-term contracts and a money back guarantee.

Our CEO’s are enjoying another terrific and stress-free year in business. Isn’t it time that you enjoyed that too?  If you still feel that you are struggling, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Paul S. Inselman, CEO of  has formulated a specific step by step process that will help you to become a more powerful business leader. Our clients income has grown on average 165% since 2008. In 2016 alone they were up on average a whopping 44%!


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