You Don’t Know About The Four Levels of Conflict?

4 levels

If you are looking for your business to be profitable and afford you the great lifestyle that you want, then you need to know and understand there are only two things that stand in your way. They are your MIND-SET and your MECHANICS.

Understanding the 4-S Model of conflict will teach you how important these two skill-sets are, and when they are mastered you will be able to easily move up the pyramid.

  1. Survival Level-During this level you are not making enough money to pay your bills. You are constantly scrambling trying to steal from Peter to pay Paul. Your credit cards are maxed out and stress is very high. During this phase organization and the creation of a plan becomes paramount. In this phase because there is so much pressure thrust upon you it is very easy to give up. During this phase we coach and teach our clients how to create better self-talk; how to run their brains more efficiently; how to organize; how to create the infra-structure of their business and personal life that will enable them to get out of this level and onto the next. It is imperative that they learn how to use sound business principles to get them to the stability level. If they fail to get to the stability level they will lose their business and might need to file for bankruptcy.
  2. Stability Level– This is the phase where clients breathe a sigh of relief because all of their bills are being paid on time. There is less immediate stress so it is very common for a business owner to “get stuck” in this phase. To get to the next level you must change your mind-set from survival to growth. Your mechanics and infra-structure will need to expand and change to allow you to get to the next phase which is success. We help our clients during this phase to understand what has caused them to “get stuck”; and to help them create the necessary changes in mind-set and strategy to allow them to move up the pyramid. This level is very common to “get stuck” in. If you fail to move up to the success level you will constantly feel that you are on a roller coaster.
  3. Success Level-Congratulations you have made it! All your bills are paid, you have money to invest and you can buy virtually anything that you desire. If you look at it logically, if you are reading this blog and you are in this phase isn’t your thinking way different than when you were in the survival phase? Aren’t you running your business and money management different than you were when you were in the survival phase? This is what I mean that to move from level to level you must change your mind-set and your mechanics. 98% of all business owners will stay “stuck” in this phase and never move to the next phase of significance. This phase can be quite comfortable which is what keeps the person “stuck.” If you have to be “stuck” in any phase below significance this is the phase to be stuck in.
  4. Significance Level-This is where the Bill Gates and Mark Cuban’s of the world live. They have more money than they can ever spend in ten lifetimes and their goal now is to change man-kind. They are philanthropic and use their wealth and expertise to not only better themselves, but to better the planet as a whole. To get to this level takes a tremendous change in mind-set and mechanics. To learn more about this level you would be best served to model one of your heroes. Read their biographies and learn how they think. When you can learn how they think you will be able to adjust your mind-set accordingly.

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