You Can Have Economic Security if You Execute These Steps NOW!

Financial Freedom


According to The Chicago Tribune, most people, do not have enough money to cover a $500 emergency. That my friends is beyond scary!  Further, according to US News, about 50% of Americans are not saving enough for retirement. 

This article will give you practical steps if you have been behind the savings curve; and if you have been diligent it will teach you how to get to the next level of financial security. 

Having been in business for 32 years, retiring at age 41 and coaching small business owners just like you for the past fourteen years, makes me uniquely qualified to help you achieve financial security. In addition, our clients have access to an entire financial team dedicated to our clients’ financial success. 

Here are easy Steps to Deploy Right Now:


1. Assess why you are having financial difficulty. Is it because you are not generating enough business? Or, are your spending habits hurting you? Or, do you just not know how to run a business and mange money. 

How we help our clients with:

a. We help our clients pinpoint where their economic problems are rooted

b. We teach our clients step by step how to strategically market to attract the best buyers to their business.

c. We teach our clients how to establish budgets

d. We teach our clients how to automate for emergencies, payment of taxes, and retirement.

e. We teach our clients how to have their money make them money

f. We teach our clients how to improve their retention so they can work smarter instead of harder.

g. We teach our clients how to find, train, motivate, and have a profitable support staff 

All of the above is taught in a simple step by step fashion, complete with accountability and fantastic results. 

The results-Our clients net worth continues to grow year over year while their expenses are either contained or decrease. This allows our clients to sleep better at night, have less stress, and be more secure knowing that their bills are paid and they are growing their net worth. 

2. Once you assess where the financial difficulty is rooted you must create action steps to fix the problem. If the problem is the way you think about money then you must work on your head space. If the problem is mechanical (poor economic procedures, then you must fix the mechanics). 

How We Help Or Clients:

a. We help our clients re-create hope and anticipation by teaching them how to think differently by implementing step by step procedures to change their head space.

b. We teach our clients how to create procedures for everything in their business so their business can start to run without them. That allows for time away from the office and family vacations.

c. We teach our clients time-honored business principals that yield consistent positive results. Most small business owners sadly, do not know how to run a profitable, lean, mean business. 

The Results-Our clients reported that they paid down more debt in 2016 to the present than they had in the prior five years combined! Our clients reported that they felt more economically secure because they had an easy to follow, easy to implement plan that was created specifically for them. 

If you have been fortunate enough to get your economic house in order where all of your bills are paid and you are able to save money then NOW is the time to make sure that your money is making you money. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, the Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kyosaki, he talks about the “I” or investing quadrant as being the most important. It is here where you achieve economic freedom. Our financial team really helps our clients when they get to this point because they show our clients how to have their money make them money while they sleep. 

Start implementing the steps above. If you have difficulty, then click the button at the bottom of the page and schedule a complimentary strategy session and I will be happy to assist you. When you get your financial house in order what are the amazing possibilities that await you? What will it feel like when you are paying all of your bills, saving for retirement and watching your net worth grow? 

When you are ready to create a new and exciting plan for your life and business, click the button below for a complimentary strategy session. 





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