Why You Are Not Getting New Business and What to do About it

new business

New business is the life-blood of your business. If you fail to get a steady stream of QUALITY buyers your business will suffer. The following will give you insight why you are not getting your fair share and what to do about it:

1. Are You Doing Social Media or are you making money from social media? There is a huge difference between the two. Doing social media means that you are running ads and putting up posts on Facebook, Instagram etc. Making money from social media means you are running ads and putting up posts that make you money.

What to do now:
a. Evaluate how much money you have spent on ads vs how much money you have made. You will quickly know if you are doing social media or profiting from it.

b. Evaluate how much time you are spending vs. the return of dollars received. This will tell you how much you are making per hour so you can determine if it worth your time.

c. If you have hired someone to do your social media then it is even more important to evaluate your return on investment because your investment after expenses may be giving you a negative return.

d. If you are not getting a return click this button

Strategy Sessionand set up a complimentary 1 on 1 strategy session and I will tell you what you need to change.

2. Do You Understand Strategic-Based Marketing Principles? Marketing (getting your phone to ring) should be set up as campaigns that have a beginning, middle, end and most importantly an objective. Marketing should NOT be doing this and doing that with the hopes that it will attract people.

What to do now:
a. Learn about the Buying Funnel

b. Learn how to use the Heuristic Marketing Equation

c. Learn how to create marketing for an ideal customer or client-remember I used the word quality new business in the opening line of this newsletter? The idea of marketing should be to get the best buyers to your clinic not just any old buyer. Knowing how to market to your target audience will do that for you.

d. Learn how to create meaningful follow-up campaigns

e. Learn how to create a Unique Value Proposition

f. Learn how to keep accurate statistics so you can measure your results

3. Poor Systems– Once a quality lead calls and comes to business if you have poor systems your business will suffer. It is imperative that everything in your operation is systematized and monetized for maximum ease of operation, stability, and financial growth.

What to do now:
a. Evaluate each system in your operation and make sure that it is running efficiently

b. If you do not have systems now is a great time to start creating them

c. Make sure that you are constantly training your staff so they utilize the systems to their maximum

If you do not have systems or understand strategic-based marketing click this button

Strategy Session
and set up a complimentary 1 on 1 strategy session.

As a small business owner, what is possible when you learn how to market with better efficiency and profitability? Our clients have access to a dedicated team of professional that don’t “just do” Social Media but help our clients MAKE MONEY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA.
What is possible as a small business owner, when you learn how to effectively market strategically?

If working smarter instead of harder interests you; or, if having systems in place that will allow you to effectively train staff, take a vacation and have more quality time with your family interests you then click the button below.


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