How to Save Megabucks-Do These Easy Action Steps Part 1

save money

The key to getting good results from a good idea is to implement the idea. The problem with most blogs (mine included) is that there is a ton of great information but it is difficult to implement all of the ideas because of the volume. I have just solved the problem. Over the next few weeks I am going to give you a bazillion money-saving and money-making great ideas. Only a few will be given in each blog which will allow you to easily implement the ideas. Each week make it a habit to implement the ideas and when completed you could be saving in excess of $20,000 per year!

  1. Get reimbursed for ATM fees. Ask and you will most likely receive. Most online banks will reimburse you for fees incurred when you use another banks ATM machine. Some brick and mortar banks will do the same. Call the bank and request a refund. At best they will say yes and at worst they will say no. If they say yes you can save an average of $4.00 per transaction.
  2. Don’t upgrade your cell phone so fast. Most cell phone companies will allow you to pay off your phone in 24-30 months. After that time frame you own the phone free and clear. If you keep the phone and don’t upgrade you will save on average $45.00 per month.
  3. Don’t buy multiple memberships if you live in the same householdAmazon prime and Netflix allows the sharing of their memberships between two adults and up to four kids. This can save you $50.00 per year for Amazon prime and $48.00 per year for Netflix.
  4. Stop doing your own taxes. Hire and use a CPA to do your taxes. One audit or one dis-allowance will more than pay for his or her services. Depending on the amount of dis-allowance or penalty can cause your saving to be HUGE!
  5. Use ceiling fans. Your air conditioner is the most expensive electric appliance that you have in your home. As a matter of fact depending on where you live you could be spending about fifty cents per hour to run your AC. A ceiling fan uses about a penny an hour. In the summer-time run the fan counter-clockwise to push the cold air down. In the winter time reverse the direction to clockwise to move the cold air up where it will mix with the hot air (heat rises) already there. This can save you about $8.00 per day.

Start implementing these bite-sized pieces and start saving money!

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