How to Get the Best Support Staff that Makes You Money Too!


A great support staff is made not born. Once you decide that YOU are ready to have the best staff on the planet earth, adopt these suggestions and watch how easy it can be.

  1. Be Slow to hire and quick to fire-most small business owners get this wrong and do it backwards. They hire quickly because they need someone. That particular hire does not do well and shows no signs of improving. Instead of cutting your losses; most small business owners will wish, hope and pray that the hire magically turns around. After seven months of frustration the employee is finally let go. The lesson: Be Slow to hire and quick to fire.
  2. Failure to know the characteristics that you are looking to hire-If you don’t know the specific traits that you are looking how can you plan the perfect hire? Do you want a great people person? An analytical person? How about an energizer bunny? You see it is imperative to know the specific traits that you are looking for. Think of it like dating. When you dated didn’t you have a specific hair color, personality, body type, and educational status in mind. Think of hiring like dating. Take the time to write down the specific characteristics that you are looking for. Doing this exercise will greatly enhance your odds of finding that perfect person. The lesson: know the characteristics that you are looking to hire.
  3. Give expectation and Train, Train, and Train- If you fail to tell your new hire exactly what is expected, how can you get angry when they don’t live up to your expectation. This is probably the single largest cardinal mistake that I see. Failure to communicate expectation and failure to train. Spend the time and money to properly train. It will pay you dividends for years and decades to come. Do you have a training manual? If not, guess what now would be a good time to create one. Do you have weekly staff training session? If not, I bet you guessed it already. The lesson: Give expectation and Train, Train, and Train.

Using the suggestions above will lead to a better trained staff, more profits and more fun in business. Creative Coaching, LLC , the first professional business coaching company to offer no long-term contracts has been successfully coaching clients just like you for the past fourteen years. We have been trail-blazers in the industry helping to create millionaires and offering a money back guarantee.

Our CEO’s are enjoying another terrific and stress-free year in business. Isn’t it time that you enjoyed that too?  If you still feel that you are struggling, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Paul S. Inselman, CEO of  has formulated a specific step by step process that will help you to become a more powerful business leader. Our clients income has grown on average 165% since 2008. In 2016 alone they were up on average a whopping 44%! In all the years that I have been coaching, I haven’t seen one CEO that executed the steps above and that utilized our procedures that failed to be a better and more powerful leader. Click here for a complimentary and no-obligation 1 on 1 business analysis and strategy session. Find out for yourself where your weaker areas are and how to fix them! Stop wishing, praying and hoping and take the meaningful step that will get you to where you want to be.


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