What Should You Look For When Hiring A Business Coach?

no long term contracts

Deciding to hire a business coach is a very personal decision; and one that should not be taken lightly! Coaching will help you grow faster, easier, and with fewer mistakes than you can typically achieve on your own.

These are the specific traits that you should look for when hiring a business coach:

  1. You must resonate with the coach-this is extremely important. Just because your trusted friend did great with this coach is great. However, if you do not resonate with the coach DO NOT HIRE the person.
  2. Does the coach seem interested in only your money? If so RUN DON’T WALK the other way. It is ok if your coach earns a great living. However the client’s best interest must always be put ahead of the coach’s interests. If you get the feeling it is not like that DO NOT HIRE that coach.
  3. Has the coach done what you want to do? It is important to work with a coach that has been in the trenches. Book learning is great; but it is far different from actually getting your hands dirty. If your coach does not have the practical experience DO NOT HIRE that coach.
  4. Don’t Sign a Long-Term contract. A long-term contract only helps the coach and not the client. We are very proud of the fact that we are the first coaching company that we know of that does not force its clients to sign a long-term contract. If you have to sign a one to multi-year contract, we recommend DO NOT HIRE that coach.
  5. How Quickly will your calls, emails, and texts be returned? Remember once you sign a contract the company owns you. Which means you are obligated to pay them even if the service isn’t too great. We are proud that all forms of communication in our company are answered by the end of the business day. However our response time is usually under one hour, even on holidays and weekends.
  6. What is your coach’s track record? This is a very important question to ask. How much on average did her clients grow while being coached? A good ROI in our opinion would be 10%. You can’t earn 10% in the bank and you would be hard-pressed to earn that in the stock market consistently. We are very proud that our client’s income grew on average 44% in 2016 and 165% since 2008.
  7. Never Feel Pressured. If your coach tells you that you will fail miserably or get cancer of the ear lobes if you don’t coach then DO NOT HIRE that coach. You should never feel pressured nor have scare tactics used on you.

Using the traits above when choosing a good business coach will lead to increased profits, fewer mistakes and more fun in business. Creative Coaching, LLC has been successfully coaching clients just like you for the past fourteen years. We have been trail-blazers in the industry being the first company to offer no long-term contracts and a money back guarantee.

Our CEO’s are enjoying another terrific and stress-free year in business. Isn’t it time that you enjoyed that too?  If you still feel that you are struggling, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Paul S. Inselman, CEO of Creativecoachingllc.net  has formulated a specific step by step process that will help you to become a more powerful business leader. Our clients income has grown on average 165% since 2008. In 2016 alone they were up on average a whopping 44%! In all the years that I have been coaching, I haven’t seen one CEO that executed the steps above and that utilized our procedures that failed to be a better and more powerful leader. Click here for a complimentary and no-obligation 1 on 1 business analysis and strategy session. Find out for yourself where your weaker areas are and how to fix them! Stop wishing, praying and hoping and take the meaningful step that will get you to where you want to be.


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