How To Improve the Art of Communication


Did you ever have a client or patient shake their head yes but do the opposite? The acquisition of a new business prospect or relationship is generally based on one major factor. Communication.

If I was speaking to you or writing to you in Chinese, unless you knew the language, I would not be able to get my point across too easily. How often do you speak to your prospect in a different language?

Here is a check list to make sure that you improve the art of communication:

  1. Get into rapport-if you are not in rapport the receiver will never receive your message.
  2. Establish commonality-people like people who are like themself. By creating a mutual bond, your prospect will feel more at ease
  3. Match their speech pattern-If you normally talk fast and your prospect doesn’t they will quickly become overwhelmed with you and will shut down and not hear anything further. Conversely, if you normally speak slowly and your prospect talks quickly, you will bore them and they will shut down and not hear anything further. .
  4. Listen-this is the key. So few people listen instead of talk. Take the time to really listen. Then confirm what you heard with the other person. You can do this by saying, “Jim, let me make sure I am understanding you. Correct me if I am wrong, you said…” This one technique will make you a hero in their eyes as well as it will keep you on purpose and task because you will know exactly what the other person needs.
  5. Be a problem solver-If you can serve the other person and solve their problem, not only will you gain their respect but you will probably gain their business also.
  6. Give a clear-cut plan of how you will solve their problem-Don’t be vague. Be crystal clear with your plan of attack. Ask if this plan fits their needs or if it needs to be modified.
  7. Smile-who wants to converse with a sour puss?

Communication is an art that needs to be practiced. Take the time with friends, family and colleagues to practice different scenarios. Get you communication perfected and watch your life and business soar.

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