Why Customers and Clients Leave

Bye Bye

Clients and customers will typically fall into two categories. Those clients and customers that get the big idea of you mission and purpose who love your products and service; and those that don’t. The good news is 99% of ALL customers have the capability of learning the big picture of your company if you spend enough time educating them before, during and after the sale.

Customers who are educated about who your company is and what you are about generally will return for repeat business in the future.

If you are delivering great products and services, what causes a customer not to reorder, or a client to leave prematurely? The following list will answer those questions:

  1. The person does not feel valued
  2. The person does not feel listened to
  3. You are not present.
  4. You are not creating continued value for the client or customer
  5. Your skill-sets need improvement
  6. You did not give the person clear expectations
  7. Your policies and procedures are outdated
  8. Your staff is poorly trained and delivers poor customer service
  9. The person feels that you are too busy for them
  10. The person feels that you breached integrity

Notice nothing on that list pertains to fees. No customer or client will ever balk about fees if the ten needs above are being met. Once those ten needs are met, clients will stay, pay and refer.


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