How To Find The Right Business Coach


The key to business success and building a brand is to create a plan, work the plan and be held accountable to doing the things that you say that you will do.

A good business coach will help you grow your business faster and easier than you can on your own because they should have already done what you want to do.

A good coach should be able to help you with the following:

  1. How to get the best new customers, clients, or patients (which are the life-blood of your business) to your business and close the sale.
  2. organization of your business and the creation of systems which will give you more free time with your family and make you more productive
  3. Holding you Accountable to do what you say you will do. Can you imagine if you actually implemented a third of the great ideas that you had this year?
  4. Training your staff. A poorly trained staff is a source of stress and economic drain.
  5. Starting a new business. Most businesses fail because they did not start their business properly.

Qualities to look for in a business coach or consultant:

  1. Their programs should be CUSTOM CREATED specifically for you based on your needs and your personality. They should not be a cookie-cutter program that you are fit into.
  2. The coach or consultant should be still be running businesses or a practice so they have their finger on TODAY’s pulse not the pulse of years gone by.
  3. The company should analyze you and your business before they tell you what they can do for you
  4. You should not have to sign long-term contracts for your coaching
  5. There should be a money-back guarantee
  6. You should not feel pressured
  7. You should feel comfortable talking to your coach or consultant
  8. You should ask your perspective coach about how successful their business was
  9. They should be punctual
  10. They should be accessible in-between calls via email, text etc.
  11. They should know and understand how to organize a business
  12. They should give you a clear plan of how they will help you achieve your goals
  13. They should know how to create a return on investment (ROI) in all aspects of your business
  14. Ask them what qualifies them to be a coach or consultant
  15. Ask how many active clients they have
  16. Do they have specific strategies for your business or practice growth and how are they different from their competition?
  17. You should allow a minimum of a one year time frame to work with your coach
  18. You should be able to ask you coach/consultant any question without fear of embarrassment

There isn’t a business or professional practice on the planet that cannot benefit from business coaching. Just look at any successful business-person like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc. They all have a team of advisers surrounding them, preventing mistakes, and offering new ideas.

Don’t let fear of investing money or a previous bad coaching experience deter you from finding a great coach.

Great coaches are like great businesses, once you find that business, product, or service, your life is forever changed for the better.

If you still feel that you are struggling, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Paul S. Inselman, CEO of  has formulated a specific step by step process that will help you to become a more powerful business leader. In twelve years, I haven’t seen one business that executed the steps above and that utilized our procedures that failed to grow their business. Why am I so confident (100% certainty) that these tips will create better growth and a more successful and fun business? Two reasons: (1) I coach business owners just like you everyday and have seen excellent, duplicative results and (2) Every single day I get a call, email or text from an existing client telling me that since they implemented these procedures and suggestions, they have more money than they ever had before; they love their staff; they are having more fun in business; or they had a record day in sales. Or, they had a record week in collections. Or, they had a record month across the board! Please don’t take my word for it. Click here for a free no-obligation consultation and find out for yourself how I can help you grow your business ethically, legally and with integrity; get more free time and have fun again.  Get to the next level and beyond. Stop wishing, praying and hoping and take the meaningful step that will get you to where you want to be.

Would you like a free-Ebook called the Small Business Owners Survival Guide? It is chock full of great information. To download your copy click the book-cover below.

Survival manual


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