Stop Selling Your Prospects and Educate Them Instead

stop selling

A common and rightful complaint from many business owners is, “I hate selling, it makes me feel slimy.” Good for you because you should never have to sell your customers or clients on anything. Your prospects should CHOOSE to use your services, or buy your product because they want to. Them wanting to choose you is the thrust behind this article.

Rules of Educating

  1. Change your verbiage from selling to serving
  2. Ask questions
  3. Determine what the person’s problem is
  4. Create a clear-cut well-defined specific plan of how you will solve that problem
  5. Educate about how your services will solve their problem
  6. Compare and contrast the benefits of using your services vs. the penalties that they will incur if they don’t
  7. Always make the words that come out of your mouth about the other person and never about yourself. Use words like you, they and them; instead of I, and me
  8. Try and use independent referenced data instead of you stating your opinion
  9. Create different educational forums-websites, newsletters, lectures,webinars, articles, etc.
  10. Know the end result of what you are looking to have the person do with their new-found education

Once you have educated your prospect, give them choices of how to move forward. Make the choices about THEM not you. Serve, Serve, Serve, and watch your business grow.

If you still feel that you are struggling, you will be thrilled to know that Dr. Paul S. Inselman, CEO of  has formulated a specific step by step process that will help you to become a more powerful business leader. Our clients income has grown on average 150% since 2008. In twelve years, I haven’t seen one business that executed the steps above and that utilized our procedures that failed to grow their business. We take a top down approach that consists of increasing income, decreasing expenses and protecting your assets. Why am I so confident (100% certainty) that these tips will create better growth and a more successful and fun business? Two reasons: (1) I coach business owners just like you everyday and have seen excellent, duplicative results and (2) Every single day I get a call, email or text from an existing client telling me that since they implemented these procedures and suggestions, they have more money than they ever had before; they love their staff; they are having more fun in business; or they had a record day in sales. Or, they had a record week in collections. Or, they had a record month across the board! Please don’t take my word for it. Click here for a complimentary no-obligation consultation and find out for yourself how I can help you grow your business ethically, legally and with integrity; get more free time and have fun again.  Get to the next level and beyond. Stop wishing, praying and hoping and take the meaningful step that will get you to where you want to be.


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